Round the World in food, wine, music & story

Photo of Stephen Scourfield

Our Round the World Dinner on October 25 will take us to Buenos Aires in South America, Provence in France, Vienna in Austria, Iran and England.

As a writer, I like the game. I like sending Chef Costa Simatos a long list of places that I’d like to tell stories about.

I like knowing that he’s picking through them, knowing the cultural echoes of their cuisine, their tastes and flavours, and deciding which five he would like to cook food for, and the order.

And for our Round the World Dinner on October 25, Chef Costa has chosen Buenos Aires in South America; Provence in France; Vienna and Austria; Iran and a traditional Persian dessert; and England.

In choosing them, he has formed the framework of the evening. Of course, I don’t want to be a “spoiler” and give away the specifics of his dishes … but he has come up with an enticing, fascinating menu.

I have now written a short piece about each, and will work with musician Louise Devenish, who will bring them alive in the air as I read them.

And so, our Round the World Dinners unfold in food, wine, story and music.

The dinner is in the fine restaurant at the University Club of Western Australia.

Anyone can come, of course, but it is also part of the value that we offer our Gold Members. For example, they get $46 off the Round the World Dinner (book for a couple, save $92, and you’ve pretty much covered the $99 membership).

The dinner is also supported by our friends at Flightcentre.