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Photo of Mogens Johansen

MOGENS JOHANSEN shares one of his favourite images from a recent holiday

It’s freezing cold, there’s a strong wind blowing and an occasional short sharp shower but I don’t care. I’m standing on the deck of the Norwegian Star watching and photographing the dramatic weather systems that swirl around the Patagonian mountains as we are cruise through the spectacular Chilean fjords after a visit to Puerto Chacabuco in Southern Chile.

I’m having a great time. Rough weather makes great pictures. I love the dramatic changes in light over the raw landscape. Somehow it seems right that the weather is a bit rugged in this landscape. I’m using my Sony A7 with a 70-200 mm lens so I can zoom in and narrow the field of view. The dramatic sky is the main point of interest so I use the rule of thirds composition and leave plenty of sky in my shots. I experiment with my exposure compensation dial and expose for the highlights. I want to keep the detail in the highlights. I allow the shadow areas to go very dark because it adds to the drama of the shots. I love capturing moments like these. This is one of my favourite pictures from the cruise through the Patagonian fjords.

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