Arrivals & Departures Ever wondered what's on a cruise ship's shopping list?

Photo of Niall McIlroy

There are eggs, meat, milk, ice-cream, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables on P&O's shopping list – but there's no way it'll all fit in one trolley.

With five P&O ships cruising from Australia last summer, the fleet's shopping list of fresh food and drinks was longer than ever, making the cruise line one of the biggest buyers of Australian produce.

When P&O added Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden to its fleet in November 2015, its shopping list grew by 30 per cent and included enough eggs to stretch end-to-end from Sydney to Canberra. That's 6.2 million for those counting. 

Also on the list of food required to feed diners across the fleet was 2.6 million kilograms of fresh meat and chicken (including 92,000kg of lamb), 125,000kg of cheese and 4.7 million kilograms of fruit and vegetables. Some 410,000 litres of milk were bought and, to keep passengers cool, P&O needed 220,000 litres of ice-cream.

The cruise industry is said to add $4.6 billion to the Australian economy each year, accounting for 19,000 direct and indirect jobs.     

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Top picture: A mind-boggling amount of food is needed to cater for passengers across P&O Australia's five-ship fleet. Picture: Niall McIlroy


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