Arrivals & Departures Ever wanted to ski in Antarctica?

Photo of Angie Tomlinson

Here's your chance, as Aurora Expeditions adds ski touring and snowshoeing to its 2017/18 expedition cruising season.

Aurora Expeditions has expanded its Antarctic activities for the 2017/18 season with the introduction of ski touring and snowshoeing.

Antarctic ski touring will offer the experienced (and bold) the opportunity to ski near-virgin glacial slopes, traverse remote areas to iceberg-studded bays, see penguin rookeries and breaching whales in hard-to-access locations, and even follow in Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps across South Georgia.

The skiing won’t be without its challenges, as snow conditions are unpredictable and terrain can include crevassed glaciers and alpine bowls.

Skiers will travel in small groups with experienced mountain ski guides. They'll learn mountaineering and ski touring skills such as ice axe and crampon use, roped glacier travel, avalanche procedures and emergency shelter construction.

A physically gentler option is snowshoeing. The most efficient way to travel across the snow, it’s straightforward to learn and far easier than walking in boots. Guests will be off after half-an-hour's training by an expert guide.

Expeditions last for up to three hours, so a reasonable level of fitness is necessary. As with ski touring, the aim is for six excursions or more per voyage, depending on the weather and landing sites.

(Image at top by Elena Wimberger.)

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