Arrivals & Departures Spend time with 'puppies of the sea'

Baby sea lions are known as pups, so it seems only fitting that the website of Jurien Bay tour operator Turquoise Safaris should refer to these playful, curious mammals as “the puppies of the sea”. 

Turquoise Safaris is among the local companies offering tours to see the colony of rare Australian sea lions in the region, and recently added a new vessel to its fleet, enabling it to run both sea lion safaris and fishing charters daily.

The new custom-built 10m fibreglass catamaran Sound Waves is universally accessible and equipped with an on-board toilet, and joins Here Fishy Fishy, which is now the company’s designated fishing craft.

Up to 12 people can join Turquoise Safari’s sea lion tours, which operate year round and run twice a day over summer. 

They provide a chance to swim alongside these playful creatures and to snorkel at a local spot known as “the Underwater Pinnacles”. 

Fellow Jurien Bay operator Sea Lion Charters also recently upgraded its boat and offers up to three departures daily. 

(Top image: Swimming with sea lions at Jurien Bay. Picture: Australia's Coral Coast)

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