Arrivals & Departures Sleep in an architect-designed treehouse at Sweden's stylish Treehotel

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At this unique hotel in northern Sweden, choose from designer treehouses ranging from structures inspired by birds' nests and UFOs to rooms that seem to disappear into the forest.

In the forest in the far north of Swedish Lapland is a hotel like no other. 

Treehotel pushes the boundaries of design with concepts from the country’s foremost architects. Each of its seven treehouse accommodations is unique.

The hotel is the brainchild of Swedish husband-and-wife team Kent Lindvall and Britta Jonsson-Lindvall, who wanted to create a livelihood near their remote home village of just 600 people.

The property was originally a guesthouse until a film crew stayed one summer to work on the movie The Tree Lover, centred on a treehouse in the forest. The seed was planted.

Around the same time, Kent was on a fishing trip in Russia with three architect friends. The end result was designer hotel with treehouse rooms called UFO, Bird’s Nest, Cabin, Mirrorcube, Blue Cone, Dragonfly, Tree Saunas and the 7th Room, which is the most recent addition.

The latter opened in December 2016 and is described as an experience “in the borderlands between Heaven and Earth”. 

Its entire underside is covered by a life-size photograph of the treetops as they looked before the room was put in place. This means the building disappears from view, leaving just the image of the forest as it looked before.

The suite is 10m up in the pines, and has a terrace made of netting among the branches.

Approached via a long bridge through the trees, the Cabin sits high on the hillside overlooking the Lule River valley. Its capsule shape provides accommodation for two people, and there’s even a rooftop terrace.

Mirrorcube is perfectly camouflaged, its walls mirroring its surrounds. At just 4m x 4m x 4m, there is enough room for two people in the plywood and birch interior.

The Bird’s Nest looks exactly as its name suggests: twiggy on the outside but decidedly less spiky inside, with enough room for a family of four. To truly feel like you're spending a night in the trees, there's a retractable staircase.

While Birds Nest draws inspiration from the natural surrounds, UFO is, well, out of this world. Built for a family of five, it has an outer space-themed decor.

The ingeniously named Blue Cone (it’s red) is all about simplicity, with a traditional wooden structure and access via a bridge from the nearby mountain.

The Dragonfly is the biggest room, with panoramic windows allowing views over the valley. It's also suitable for conferences.

Treehotel also has a long list of activities. In the summer there is white water rafting, Northern Lights photography, moose safaris, bear spotting in the midnight sun, mounted archery and tree dining. In winter and spring, try a dog sled trip, horse-pulled skiing, ice dining or ice fishing.

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