Travel Story Take your tastebuds on a tour

Set sail for far-flung destinations with live music, stories and a five-course dinner.

From the heart of Europe to Central America, and the east coast of Canada to Antarctica, expedition cruise ships take guests to some of the world’s most remarkable and often otherwise inaccessible landscapes and cultures.

And our Travel Editor, Stephen Scourfield, composer and musician Steve Richter and chef Costa Simatos will reflect and amplify this on October 9 at an exclusive Round the World Dinner.

They will take our dining guests to some of the locations which will be visited by the new “six-star” Scenic Eclipse luxury expedition ship, due to be launched early next year.

It will help to theme an evening of food, wine, music and stories. 

It goes like this... 

Stephen has already sent Costa, head of the skilled kitchen team at the University Club of Western Australia, a long list of destinations.

The chef has chosen the five he wants to cook for, and the order, and designed a menu. 

On the night, this will be served with pre-dinner drinks, wine and beer, all included in our price. 

But what then fires the evening up is the lively script Stephen has written, full of these people and places, and the music that Steve has composed and compiled. 

They will perform them on stage before each course.

Then the food is served. 

Of course we don’t want to give too much away — we don’t want to spoil the excitement of the evening. 

But here’s a taster…Patagonian toothfish, sustainably caught by Australian fishers, with soy-braised shiitake mushrooms, charred asparagus, sesame rice and miso broth. 

Yes, it will be an extraordinary but carefully balanced, culinary experience. 


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