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The Travel Club Show : These are the beautiful buildings of India

Stephen Scourfield

India is famous for its beautiful palaces and epic forts. And these days, many can be visited - allowing travellers to understand Indian history.

The Travel Club Show : Travel trends for 2019

Stephen Scourfield

Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield shares his tips on what's hot this year.

The Travel Club Show : Stephen Scourfield's Top 5 Natural Moments of 2018

Staff Writer

From the great plains of Africa and the wilds of far eastern Russia to walking in the Alps and kayaking in the desert, experiencing such natural wonders is a privilege. Stephen Scourfield shares his top five natural wonders of the year.

The Travel Club Show : Stephen Scourfield's Top 5 Places of 2018

Staff Writer

Stephen Scourfield has been to every continent but Antarctica this year. Which spots make his top five for 2018?

The Travel Club Show : An African Safari: Tanzania's Great Migration

Staff Writer

It’s one of the natural world’s great travel experiences: seeing tens of thousands of extraordinary animals on the plains of the Serengeti. And Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield says it can be more than a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The Travel Club Show : Advice for choosing the right India tour

Stephen Scourfield

Our Travel Editor is back from his West Travel Club tour of India and shares some words of wisdom on how to select a tour that suits your needs.

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