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The Travel Club Show : Japan for first-timers

William Yeoman

The first-time visitor to Japan arrives with a lot of baggage, including the cultural variety. All those preconceptions we have about a place like Japan which, from a distance, can seem intense yet calm, modern yet traditional, compact yet spacious.

Maybe it's all these. Just think: Boys Love Manga and woodblock prints. Maid cafes and geisha tea houses. Anime and kabuki. Bullet trains and rickshaws. Crowded cities and serene villages. Hamburgers and sushi.

But the biggest thing confronting the first-time visitor is the unknown...

The Travel Club Show : What to Wear in Antarctica

Stephen Scourfield

From November to March, expedition cruise ships head south to Antarctic. And with mid-year sales in outdoor gear stores starting around now, travellers who have booked and paid for this experience of a lifetime are asking STEPHEN SCOURFIELD what they should buy, what they should wear, and just how cold it will be. So here’s our guide to gearing up…

The Travel Club Show : Monster of Rock

Sam Jeremic

Granville Harbour is about as tough and remote as it gets. Gnarly ruts, rocky ascents, mud holes, water crossings and everything in between. Motoring editor Sam Jeremic has just returned from Tasmania after attending the Australian launch of the all-new Jeep Wrangler.

The Travel Club Show : Travel Club Show: River Cruising in Bordeaux

Stephen Scourfield

Bordeaux is the world’s biggest wine grown region, and the city itself is the second most visited in France, after Paris. We find a neat new way to enjoy the best of it with a bespoke and oh-so-French river cruise shop. Very ooh la la.

The Travel Club Show : Japan is easier than ever to visit

William Yeoman

A new direct flight to Japan is making the nation more accessible to West Australians

The Travel Club Show : Travel Club: Singapore and Vietnam Tour

Stephen Scourfield

Learn about the upcoming Travel Club tour to Singapore and Vietnam 

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