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The Travel Club Show : Join Stephen Scourfield in Ethiopia!

Staff Writer

Ethiopia is enjoying a renaissance and is taking a lead among African nations. And it's a country that Stephen Scourfield loves - join him on a tour of ebullient Ethiopia where you'll see the source of the Blue Nile, Axum -  the capital of the ancient Abyssinia and the churches hewn out of rock at Lalibela. 

The Travel Club Show : Tassie on two wheels

Staff Writer

Windy roads, wintry weather and wonderful scenery combine as Mogens Johansen and Trevor Collens motorcycle around Tasmania.

The Travel Club Show : When Fremantle was centre of the world

Stephen Scourfield

Thirty years have passed since the America's Cup defence off the coast of Fremantle. The 'Auld Mug' was lost but the event changed the face of Perth and Fremantle for ever.

The Travel Club Show : Valley of the geysers in Russia

Stephen Scourfield

This is far east Russia, part of the big Ring of Fire: north of Japan, Seoul and Korea. A region with a lot of active volcanoes.

The Travel Club Show : Australia's war-time secret

Stephen Scourfield

The heavily camouflaged and carefully hidden No.73 Operational Base Unit was known as Corunna Downs.

The Travel Club Show : Dramatic geography in Ephesus

Grace Millimaci

The agora of Ephesus was the Beverley Hills of Asia Minor, and today what were the best shops still have intricate mosaics outside — red carpet treatment for their elite customers.

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