Town and country capers to bank on

Put simply, the South West Edge is a 1200km drive from Perth to Esperance. It is a suggestion creating the thought of heading south from the metro area, through the South West, with its coast and forests, and then east across the South Coast.

It is the chance to spend a couple of weeks on the road, at this mild time of year.

Put in a bigger frame, it is an epic environmental journey around the botanically diverse corner of this trailing edge of this ancient continent.

From the metro area, where most of us live, we will head south across the tamala limestone that stretches down so much of the southern part of this western coast. We will have the Indian Ocean on our right shoulder.

And then we will “turn the corner”, and head along the granite of the south coast, now with the Southern Ocean beside us.

Different geology and oceanography. Different weather patterns.

We will drive through jarrah and red gum, tingle and karri forests.

They are dramatic shifts.

Put emotionally, this is to meander with purpose. To freewheel, but with a theme.

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