Travellers bitten by our BIG Travel Quiz Night bug

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A night out with mates is always fun, and that’s exactly what the Travel team created last week when we were joined by 200 readers for our inaugural BIG Travel Quiz Night.

With $7000 worth of travel vouchers from our presenting partner Flight Centre to be won, the pressure was on tables of 10.

Our Quizmasters — long-time Travel stalwart Niall McIlroy and Patrick Cornish, a travel writer and former foreign editor of The West Australian — created three rounds of 15 questions based on our readers’ experiences and interests.

Scroll down to test your knowledge...

These weren’t generic questions you can buy in quiz boxes. Niall and Patrick challenged teams to remember details about countries they have read about or visited on their many adventures. And we all had a ball in the swish Claremont Football Club function centre. 

Just ask the 10 winners, the Travel Bugs, who scored a perfect 45 and walked away with first prize: $4000 in vouchers from Flight Centre. 

Congratulations to Catherine Lees, Philip Hingston, Christine Paskett, Matthew Eaton, Kim Newman, Kathleen Linger, Stephen Harper, Angela Clutterbuck, Deene Hartley and Mark Andreassen.

As you will see from its advertisement on the back page of Travel each Saturday, Flight Centre covers the world, and so was a highly appropriate partner for our global quiz. And we love partnering with our best friends, represented by WA and Northern Territory general manger Nicole Riksman, WA State marketing manager Karen Thysse and senior Flight Centre consultants. 

Second was the team We Thought This Was Speed Dating, with 41.5 points. They went home with a $200 voucher each — $2000 for the table. Third prize, $1000 worth of vouchers for the table, went to the Travelling Yaks with 39.5 points.

We had encouraged teams to choose their own name and there were some beauties, including Norway But Up, Lost in Translation, Greece is the Word, Pigs Might Fly (who oinked every time their score was called), Adventure Before Dementia, Travelling Willburys and Fly by Nighters. 

Even the team that came last, Creative Minds, took home a prize: a bouquet of wooden spoons. 

The night  proved what smart cookies our readers are, and how much we all love WA — the reaction to questions about WA suggests a good turnout for our BIG WA Travel Quiz early next year. 

Watch these pages for more details soon and get in early — our inaugural quiz created exclusively for our readers and West Travel Club members sold out in two days. 

Test your knowledge with some of our BIG Travel Quiz Night questions...

Q. Of which country was Slovenia a part of, before becoming an independent republic?

A. Yugoslavia

Q. Four US States meet at the Four Corners Monument. Name three for half a point and four for a full point.

A. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

Q. Name the highest town in Western Australia?

A. Tom Price

Q. King Zog I was ruler of which European country?

A. Albania

Q. In which countries are these famous cricket grounds: The Gabba, The Wanderers, Headingley?

A. Australia, South Africa, England

Q. Iberia is the national airline of which country?

A. Spain


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