Arrivals & Departures Elevate your holiday with the UK's new tree top camping experience

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From next year, intrepid travellers will be able to spend the night nestled in a "tree boat" in the canopy of a 15m beech tree on the Isle of Wight. 

There's no shortage of unusual camping options these days, from glamping on a rooftop in Melbourne's CBD to a tiny cabin shaped like a water droplet in Canada's Fundy National Park. 

But here's a novel idea, as long as you're not afraid of heights: bed and breakfast, high in the canopy of a 15m-tall beech tree on the UK's Isle of Wight.

The Tree Top Camping experience will be offered for the first time in April and May next year by local company Goodleaf Tree Climbing in the grounds of Northcourt, a historic Jacobean manor.

Guests will first learn the ropes — quite literally — from one of Goodleaf's tree climbing instructors, before settling into their home for the night, a special "tree boat" imported from the US (pictured at top).

This is followed by dinner at the local village pub before spending the night in the canopy. Breakfast is delivered the following morning by the instructor. 

There'll be a maximum of 10 overnight camps a year, with prices from £350 ($607) per person, £450 for two and £550 for three.  

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