WeHo speak-easy perfect for celeb spotting

It’s the classic nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say-no-more restaurant in West Hollywood — so cool there is no signage out the front and the cocktails are so secretive they’re not even on the menu.

Employees Only is the modern day speak-easy; nondescript from the street (unlike everything else in showy Los Angeles).

The entrance to the unpretentious, award-winning restaurant is obscured by a heavy velvet curtain. Guests don’t know who’s behind it — and diners don’t know who is coming in. This makes for an exciting night out in West Hollywood if you’re keen to spot a movie star who is hoping for a private, paparazzi-free evening.

Employees Only LA has its origins in New York’s famed West Village and now has offshoots around the world.

At the back of the West Hollywood eatery, a secret door leads to the dimly lit private dining room and bar — and where the secret cocktails hide.

To get a drink in here is an art in itself. 

Start by putting on your best Clark Gable as Rhett Butler “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” face and sidle nonchalantly up to the bar. Without making eye contact, the bartender will present a vintage cigar case. Open it up and you’ll find a roulette-like wheel which you must dutifully spin — and where the needle rests will determine the cocktail you will receive. Too darn cool.

If you’re visiting West Hollywood and keen for a little celeb watching from the big U-shaped leather booths, book early as Employees Only is a hotspot and it can be tricky to get a reservation. 

The food is mouth watering, the beverages delicious and the vibe... absolute Hollywood glam. You’ll feel like an A-lister here.

(Top image: The private bar at Employees Only)

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