Arrivals & Departures Wild times: Seeing a different side to Hong Kong

Photo of Angie Tomlinson

Hong Kong’s best photographers have captured a side to the city a world away from the skyscrapers.

I think Hong Kong and I envisage skyscrapers, shopping and awesome dumplings. But it turns out the city has a split personality.

The city’s tourism board is encouraging Australians to pack their active wear next time they stop over and explore the more organic side of the city far away from the crowded urban centre.

Think jungle cycling trails, remote beaches, rustic villages and serene islands.

As part of the Hong Kong Tourism Board's Great Outdoors campaign, local photographers were sent out to capture off-the-radar landscapes, returning with images that make you want to jump on the next plane over.

A new guidebook, Your Guide to Hiking and Cycling in Hong Kong, features a series of self-guided walking and cycling trails within easy reach via taxi or MTR.

The guide covers three hiking themes: heritage, vistas and geological wonders. 

(Top image: Tai O Sunset by Jessica Li.)

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