Wildflowers and backyard bugs

Photo of William Yeoman

WILL YEOMAN looks at three recent children's books with a travel or environmental theme

Let’s Count Wildflowers

Tracey Gibbs

(Fremantle Press, $15)

This colourful little boardbook suitable for ages 0+ teaches more than just how to count from 1 to 10. Gibbs, a printmaker with a keen interest in native flora, has a real knack for capturing the essence of a wildflower’s form and colour with boldness, simplicity, a strong sense of design and a subtle retro vibe. Which makes Let’s Count Wildflowers a mini-masterclass in visual communication as well a fun way of introducing small children to the wonderful world of WA wildflowers. As we move from morning — “One spider orchid shines star-bright in early morning.” — to night — “Ten flannel flowers glow luminous at night.” — Gibbs’ evocative rhythmic prose adds a musical element to the overall effect, which is one of delight.

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