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Welcome to West Travel Club, where we share the world of travel through stories, videos, photos, podcasts, a dedicated eNewsletter, competitions, special offers, discounts, events, tutorials and exclusive tours with our writers and photographers.

For this is the digital home of a highly experienced team of professional staff travel writers, photographer and videographers, and industry professionals, bring you the best of travel — from remarkable experiences to travel opportunities you can’t buy anywhere else.

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Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield explains our new club, where you can travel with us in an even more dynamic and intimate way. Duration: 01m 52s The West Australian

Our Team

Photo of Stephen Scourfield

Stephen Scourfield

Travel Editor

After a lifetime of travel and writing, our Travel Editor knows the world’s nooks and crannies. Twice named Australia’s Best Travel Writer, the recipient of a United Nations Media Award, he’s also an award winning novelist, and acclaimed professional photographer and word performer (and a mostly-reliable motorcyclist). Our crew fears only one phrase: “I’ve had an idea …” 

Photo of Geoffrey Thomas

Geoffrey Thomas

Aviation Editor

One of the world’s most respected aviation journalists and commentators, Geoffrey has won 37 international and national awards in the last 10 years. He fronted two Channel 7 aviation series and is a commentator for BBC and CNN — all from little old Perth (well, most of the time). GT is also Editor of our sister website, airlineratings.com.au.

Photo of Grace Millimaci

Grace Millimaci


Photo of William Yeoman

William Yeoman

Travel Writer

An inveterate seeker of all things literary in foreign climes,Will “the Quill” Yeoman has enjoyed literary encounters Poirot star David Suchet in a dingy airless room in London’s East End and crossed (metaphoric) swords on Australian stages with the likes of international literary superstars such as Jonathan Franzen and Lynda La Plante. His sentences are usually too long.

Photo of Mogens Johansen

Mogens Johansen

Lead Travel Photographer & Travel Photojournalist

With more than 30 years’ professional photographic experience, Mogens leads our popular photo training courses, and will take some special Travel Club Tours. But more than that, he’s out and about travelling, writing, making video features, and showing how to take better pictures through our online tutorials. Recent assignments have ranged from South America to New Zealand.

Photo of Sam Jeremic

Sam Jeremic

Motoring Editor

If he’s not in Europe investigating breakthrough motoring developments at some big car expo, he’s at the launch of a new model, or driving fast round the Leguna Seca circuit in America. Sam’s our man behind the wheel, bringing great drive experiences, news, tips and advice. He’ll offer advice for drives in WA and we’ll have some caravanning stories, too.