We are drawing on our extensive travel experience and the full resources of our trusted partners to offer Travel Club Tours. Among them are experiences you can’t buy anywhere else, with our highly experienced staff travel writing team helping to develop, and supporting, some very special itineraries. 

Choose from our unique selection of escorted tours below: 

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Roads Less Travelled - Oman 2020

From bewitching Muscat to the old dhow building coastal town of Sur and on to the Hajar Mountains, we’ll reach for the heart of Oman.

And we’ll surely find it among the date palms of the old, cultural capital of Nizwa, and up on the Musandam Peninsula.

We’ll touch it (and it will touch us) in the Wahiba Sands, where we’ll sleep in desert silence.

I’ve travelled in Oman over many years and in many ways (from luxury to offroad motorcycling), and its stories, legends and music run through me. I look forward to sharing them, and this beguiling place - the Switzerland of the Middle East.

And I particularly look forward to this amazing bespoke itinerary, which has been tailor made for us by highly experienced Flight Centre consultant Michelle Durrant, who will be with us, seeing her creation unfold, day by day.

This really is a one-off, handmade experience.

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11 Nights 4 Mar '20 Departs $10,499 Price from
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Europe 2020 Monaco F1 Tour

Its the Highlight of the Formula 1 Calendar. All the glitz and glamour of the Monaco Formula 1.

For more details of what you can experience on this once in a lifetime tour of this famous event, check out the action packed itinerary.

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6 Nights 18 May '20 Departs $10,895 pp twin share Price from
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North America Matt & Dillo's Epic American Music Cities Tour

Join our epic tour through the home of American music! Experience the New Orleans Jazz,the Memphis blues, Rock & Roll and Soul and the iconic history of Nashville 'The Music Capital of the World', all while enjoying vibrant atmosphere.

From majestic Cathedrals in the French quarter, to the swamps of Louisana, the artisans of Mardi Gras World and the rich history of Graceland, each day is a different facet of a unique and amazing one of a kind experience.

Spend your evenings enjoying unique culinary delights while enjoying live music in the vibrant music clubs while during the day you tread the steps of the heart of music in Matt & Dillo's Epic American Music Cities Tour!

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8 Nights 3 Nov '19 Departs $6,295pp twin share Price from
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Antarctica Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Antarctica. The great, white wilderness. It has to be seen to be believed.

And I will be seeing it again, feeling that shiver of excitement, on our Travel Club Tour Antarctica.

It’s the experience of a lifetime.

It is a place to be close to wildlife and the extremes of human endeavour. It’s a raw, beautiful place that touches me with its strength and frailty.

I’ve experienced it all sorts of ways, from expedition cruise ships to research ships and even on a Patagonian Toothfishing boat.

I’ve led a group there before.

I can’t wait to do it again.

Join me on this premium Antarctica tour, designed with our travel partners Collette for a once in a lifetime adventure not to be missed.

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15 Nights 26 Nov '19 Departs $24,395pp, twin share Price from
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