We are drawing on our extensive travel experience and the full resources of our trusted partners to offer Travel Club Tours. Among them are experiences you can’t buy anywhere else, with our highly experienced staff travel writing team helping to develop, and supporting, some very special itineraries. 

Choose from our unique selection of escorted tours below: 

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Asia The Singapore Grand Prix & Vietnam

Slick city and charming town. Sweet and chilli. Double destinations add a twist to travel.

And we are combining Singapore and Vietnam for an exclusive Travel Club Tour in September.

But that’s just the start of the fun for there’s an even bigger twist, as we combine racing and relaxing.

In partnership with our friends at Imagine Cruising, we’ll fly to Singapore for the Formula One Grand Prix weekend. For motorsport enthusiasts, it’s a brilliant event — for others, well, it’s a festival under lights.

Then we fly on to Hanoi and explore the city before boarding the President Experience, a 46-cabin cruise ship with Michelin-star dining, jazz band entertainment and private butlers, to cruise to Halong Bay.

It’s a one-off. It’s exclusive. I can’t wait.

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8 Nights 19 Sep '19 Departs $7,999pp, twin share Price from
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Europe Oberammergau Passion Play Tour 2020

When it comes to history, culture and tradition the breathtaking Oberammergau Passion Play really does have it all.  This moving theatrical and spiritual event has been performed by the people Oberammergau every 10 years since 1634.

The performance follows a promise to God made in 1633 by the grateful survivors of the Black Death.

Next year, the play, in which at least 2000 townspeople are involved, will come to life again and spectators from around the world will flock to the picturesque town in the Bavarian Alps to see it and be part of history.

You don’t need to be religious to appreciate this timeless, universal story. 

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7 Nights 19 Aug '20 Departs $4,999** pp Twin Share Price from
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North America Matt & Dillo's Epic American Music Cities Tour

Join our epic tour through the home of American music!  Experience the New Orleans Jazz,the Memphis blues, Rock & Roll and Soul and the iconic history of Nashville 'The Music Capital of the World',  all while enjoying vibrant atmosphere.

From majestic Cathedrals in the French quarter, to the swamps of Louisana, the artisans of Mardi Gras World and the rich history of Graceland, each day is a different facet of a unique and amazing one of a kind experience.

Spend your evenings enjoying unique culinary delights while enjoying live music in the vibrant music clubs while during the day you tread the steps of the heart of music in Matt & Dillo's Epic American Music Cities Tour!

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8 Nights 3 Nov '19 Departs $6,295pp twin share Price from
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Antarctica Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Antarctica. The great, white wilderness. It has to be seen to be believed.

And I will be seeing it again, feeling that shiver of excitement, on our Travel Club Tour Antarctica.

It’s the experience of a lifetime.

It is a place to be close to wildlife and the extremes of human endeavour. It’s a raw, beautiful place that touches me with its strength and frailty.

I’ve experienced it all sorts of ways, from expedition cruise ships to research ships and even on a Patagonian Toothfishing boat.

I’ve led a group there before.

I can’t wait to do it again.

Join me on this premium Antarctica tour, designed with our travel partners Collette for a once in a lifetime adventure not to be missed.

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15 Nights 26 Nov '19 Departs $24,395pp, twin share Price from
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