Vibrant Melbourne seen in new light

Photo of Mogens Johansen

With my camera in my hand, I take fresh look at Melbourne.

Walking around, camera in hand, without any particular plan other than to look for interesting pictures.

For me, it is one of the most relaxing and stimulating things to do, especially when you are in a new place.

I’m not looking for anything in particular, I just look. I try to look for something unusual, something that will make the pictures I take my own. I’m looking up and down, I’m looking for interesting light and pleasant composition. I experiment with different points of view, focal lengths, depth of field and shutter speeds.

Sometimes there is one shot that really stands out on its own, other times a plan for a theme or picture series come to mind. There are no rules and that is the really nice thing about it.

I have a few hours to spare during a stopover in Melbourne. 

I sling my little lightweight Olympus Pen-F with a 12-40mm f/2.8 zoom over my shoulder and head out the explore the city. It is overcast and there is a light drizzle of rain to begin with but thankfully the Melbourne weather lives up to its fickle reputation and it turns into a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. The thin blue/brown artery, also known as the Yarra River, is looking splendid, Melburnians and tourists are out in the thousands enjoying the vibrant foreshore.

There is lots to photograph, I love the mix of old and new architecture and the old bridges that span the river. 

The afternoon light is lovely, its golden hue adds extra punch to the colours of the city and creates beautiful reflections in the many glass facades of the newer buildings.

I experiment with my exposure compensation to create a moodier feel to some of my pictures, I cross the river several times and revisit a couple of spots to take advantage of the better light as the afternoon  makes way for dusk and city lights. 

Each time I revisit a place, I see new things and that is what I love.


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