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Sweet fruits of traditional knowledge

William Yeoman

WILL YEOMAN has great company by Rocky Pool billabong, east of Carnarvon...

Exhibition makes a dynamic impression

William Yeoman

“Paint as you see nature yourself. If you don’t see nature with an individual feeling, you will never be a painter, and all the teaching cannot make you one.”

With those words, Claude Monet sums up the entire Impressionist project.

Stomped by giant monsters

Ronan O'Connell

They've been stomped by giant monsters, swooped by flying superheroes, invaded by gun-wielding criminals and cursed by demons. But fortunately those grim events only occurred in movies, so these 10 film locations across Asia are still very attractive tourist destinations...

Melbourne exhibition makes an impression

William Yeoman

“‘Impressionism’ was the term seized upon by those seeking to describe all that was new in Australian painting in the late nineteenth century. It provoked both admiration and derision.”

Mural pays homage to man & moment

Stephen Scourfield

From little things, big things grow — and some of the most important roots of the growth in Australia’s recognition of Indigenous issues are in Katherine, in the Northern Territory.

Leisurely roll where camels trod

Stephen Scourfield

The Ghan train persists southwards through the motionless Red Centre of Australia and I lie in bed, snuggle into crisp, white cotton, and watch the day dawn.

The rhythm of the rails.

Sun smearing orange across the sky, then peeping over the horizon, squinting sharp, golden rays.

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