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Travel Story: Canada: Mountain high in Jasper National Park

Gemma Nisbet

Planning a trip on the Jasper SkyTram aerial tramway in the Canadian Rockies? Here's what not to do...

Travel Story: From dodos to Jack Sparrow: Island hopping, Mauritian style

Gemma Nisbet

Travel back in time to the days of the dodo on a day trip along the east coast of Mauritius. 

On the Road Video: Lions and cubs of the Serengeti

Staff Writer

Stephen Scourfield visits Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and finds it teeming with lions and their cubs. Content with full bellies, none of them seem to mind having their picture taken. 

Travel Story: Canada: Busy beavers a national asset

Mark Thornton

Canada’s furry national symbol is the ultimate "wild earth guardian".

Arrivals & Departures: Leading underwater photographers share their stories

Gemma Nisbet

Hear about the adventures of internationally renowned underwater photographers on the inaugural Underwater Tour. 

Travel Story: Madagascar, where resourcefulness is a way of life

Stephen Scourfield

Achieving the maximum result from minimum resources is fundamental in Madagascar. 

Travel Story: Young Travel Writer competition: And the winners are...

Gemma Nisbet

Announcing the two winners you'll join us on assignment in Shark Bay and Dirk Hartog Island. 

The Travel Club Show : An African Safari: Tanzania's Great Migration

Staff Writer

It’s one of the natural world’s great travel experiences: seeing tens of thousands of extraordinary animals on the plains of the Serengeti. And Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield says it can be more than a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Arrivals & Departures: Hike Iceland with new Northern Lights winter walking tour

Gemma Nisbet

Short on time but big on adventure? Then you're the kind of traveller that UTracks has in mind for its new three-day Northern Lights winter walking tour in Iceland.

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