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Creative landscape photography

Mogens Johansen

Keeping the shutter open for long exposures allows landscape photographers to create some stunning images...

Bullet proof Leica camera

Mogens Johansen

Leica regularly release special edition cameras with different themes. Their latest special edition camera is inspired by professional photographers working in war zones.

Lights, camera... just add the action

Mogens Johansen

Is GoPro still the go-to for action cams? MOGENS JOHANSEN checks out the competition

A slice of Spain

William Yeoman

The Travel team and friends spend a weekend with icons

The Pod Well Travelled: Eventful travel, wildflower photography & Elsewhere

William Yeoman

Back in the studio, Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield and travel journalist Mogens Johansen talk to host Will Yeoman about the enormous success West Travel Club has been having with new events and tours, as well as the art of photographing wildflowers. Stephen then chats with composer and musician Steve Richter about the pair's much-loved collaboration, Elsewhere, the complete recorded performance of which will feature in next week's episode.

The Pod Well Travelled: Young Travel Writer returns

William Yeoman

In this week’s episode of The West Australian’s dedicated travel podcast, we hear from Scoot’s CEO Campbell Wilson on the challenges facing the airline and the future of air travel. And Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield and travel journalist Mogens Johansen talk about this year’s iteration of the West’s well-established Young Travel Writer program. Hosted by Will Yeoman.

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