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Road to red heartland

Stephen Scourfield

It’s all about the journey as much as the destination, as STEPHEN SCOURFIELD takes the Great Central Road to Uluru

Awesome tidal territory

Stephen Scourfield

On Tuesday, The West looked forward to the predicted tourism boom that may come on the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome, when the road is sealed. Here, Ben Robinson joins one of the businesses that may benefit, boarding a boat for the Giant Tides tour at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.

Great adventure to central Australia

Stephen Scourfield

The Great Central Road lives up to every element of its name. It’s a great adventure. It takes us to the centre of Australia, and the heart of WA’s inland and ancient and contemporary story. And it is, indeed, a road — a big road.

The Travel Club Show : Japan for first-timers

William Yeoman

The first-time visitor to Japan arrives with a lot of baggage, including the cultural variety. All those preconceptions we have about a place like Japan which, from a distance, can seem intense yet calm, modern yet traditional, compact yet spacious.

Maybe it's all these. Just think: Boys Love Manga and woodblock prints. Maid cafes and geisha tea houses. Anime and kabuki. Bullet trains and rickshaws. Crowded cities and serene villages. Hamburgers and sushi.

But the biggest thing confronting the first-time visitor is the unknown...

Arrivals & Departures: Off beaten track on Island of the Gods

Ian Lloyd Neubauer

IAN NEUBAUER hops on a dirt bike and bypasses Bali’s touristy attractions for a very different view of the popular locale

Tough trek is worth the effort

Gemma Nisbet

GEMMA NISBET tackles the Granite Skywalk Trail

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