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Glacier Bay, Alaska

Mogens Johansen

There is a loud crack followed by a low rumble. The Marjerie glacier is calving – large pieces of glacial ice cascades into the icy water below. In that instant they become growlers bobbing up and down in the water as they slowly become accustomed to their new environment... Hear journalist and photographer Mogens Johansen recount some of the most exciting moments in his recent 7-day cruise from Vancouver along the scenic inside passage to Alaska, as we look at some of his spectacular photographs. You can read the full story in this Saturday's Weekend West travel liftout.

An ancient place to reflect on history

Gemma Nisbet

A temple, mountain, giant statue, dynastic tale and myths — Taiqing Palace draws GEMMA NISBET into its timeless story.

Follow the sun and explore

Stephen Scourfield

The Kimberley region is at its best in the dry season. (Winter!) It offers relaxation — and adventure...

Perth to Uluru: a great Aussie road trip

Stephen Scourfield

Driving to the heart of Australia can be as simple as packing the four-wheel-drive and heading through WA's Goldfields and along the Great Central Road.

Live the Dream on a South-East Asia Cruise

Michael Ferrante

Dream Cruises? Never heard of them? We like to bring you new travel suggestions, and we like this one, sailing from Singapore. MICHAEL FERRANTE joins the ship.

The Travel Club Show : Monster of Rock

Sam Jeremic

Granville Harbour is about as tough and remote as it gets. Gnarly ruts, rocky ascents, mud holes, water crossings and everything in between. Motoring editor Sam Jeremic has just returned from Tasmania after attending the Australian launch of the all-new Jeep Wrangler.

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