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Travel Story: Don't miss out on Africa!

Staff Writer

There are only a few tickets left for An Evening in Africa - don't miss your chance to get a taste of an extraordinary place.

Arrivals & Departures: Gorillas in the mix at Sanctuary

Grace Millimaci

Half the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population is located in Uganda — perfect for those who enjoy trekking.

Audio: Talking Travel: Sounds like fun

Staff Writer

Sometimes sound can be the most memorable aspect of a destination. From the washint and masenko of Ethiopia to Lesotho's rare lasiba and Maasai singing, Stephen Scourfield treats Matt Layton to African audio.  

Arts, Music & Culture: Drumming workshop good for the soul

Percussionist Steve Richter will join West Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield at our drumming workshop. 

We will have 80 drums – ready for our guests to get a real feel of the beat of the continent.


Guests will go on a literary, musical and culinary journey through Africa.

Travel Story: An Evening in Africa

Staff Writer

Join Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield to celebrate, over dinner and drinks, a continent that dazzles with diversity. For Africa is a giant that buzzes with the cycle of life.  

The Travel Club Show : Join Stephen Scourfield in Ethiopia!

Staff Writer

Ethiopia is enjoying a renaissance and is taking a lead among African nations. And it's a country that Stephen Scourfield loves - join him on a tour of ebullient Ethiopia where you'll see the source of the Blue Nile, Axum -  the capital of the ancient Abyssinia and the churches hewn out of rock at Lalibela. 

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