Stories: Central & South America

Arrivals & Departures: Royal Caribbean launches 'Perfect Day' private islands

Gemma Nisbet

Promising "the ultimate family destination", the cruise line's private islands will include locations in the Caribbean, Asia and Australia. 

Travel Story: Pacific Ocean cruising: Adrift in the peaceful sea

Stephen Scourfield

Our Travel Editor cruises south from the Panama Canal along the South American coastline. 

Audio: Talking Travel: Dealing with jet-lag

Staff Writer

If anyone should know how to cope with jet-lag, Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield should. On the phone from London, he tells Matt Layton, host of the Spirit Drive show, about how he deals with the effects of travelling across multiple timezones.

Audio: Talking Travel: The Panama Canal

Staff Writer

Stephen Scourfield tells Matt Layton, host of the Spirit Drive show, about the 77km canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and has changed the world forever.

Travel Story: Amazon, Andes & the Galapagos: Why Ecuador is a must-visit destination

Stephen Scourfield

Were you to draw up a wish list for a country, you might just end up with Ecuador.

Travel Story: Panama's Biomuseo showcases one of the world’s richest ecosystems

Stephen Scourfield

It's hoped the Frank Gehry-designed museum may have a similar effect as the star architect's Guggenheim had for Bilbao.

Travel Story: Travel mishaps: From the end of the Earth on a wing and a prayer

Chris Olney

A transportation interruption reveals the highs and lows of international travel as traveller Chris Olney takes the long way home from Argentina to Australia.

Travel Story: On the trail of the ancient "superstars" of South America

Stephen Scourfield

The Incas may have arrived late on the scene, but they made their mark and left an enduring legacy.

Travel Story: Casey and the (not so) Big Sting

Stephen Scourfield

Our Travel Editor and his trusty suitcase take on a slick airport scammer. 

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