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Arrivals & Departures: San Diego treats kids like kings

Grace Millimaci

If you are heading to the US with the children, keep in mind the seventh annual Kids Free San Diego returns this month to offer amazing savings for families. 

Audio: Talking Travel: Sounds like fun

Staff Writer

Sometimes sound can be the most memorable aspect of a destination. From the washint and masenko of Ethiopia to Lesotho's rare lasiba and Maasai singing, Stephen Scourfield treats Matt Layton to African audio.  

Arts, Music & Culture: Drumming workshop good for the soul

Percussionist Steve Richter will join West Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield at our drumming workshop. 

We will have 80 drums – ready for our guests to get a real feel of the beat of the continent.


Guests will go on a literary, musical and culinary journey through Africa.

Travel Story: An Evening in Africa

Staff Writer

Join Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield to celebrate, over dinner and drinks, a continent that dazzles with diversity. For Africa is a giant that buzzes with the cycle of life.  

Travel Story: Great Southern eats: A foodie's guide to Albany

Jennifer Jordan

From artsy bars to local oysters and authentic Thai food, there's plenty of delicious fare to be found in and around Albany. 

The Travel Club Show : Join Stephen Scourfield in Ethiopia!

Staff Writer

Ethiopia is enjoying a renaissance and is taking a lead among African nations. And it's a country that Stephen Scourfield loves - join him on a tour of ebullient Ethiopia where you'll see the source of the Blue Nile, Axum -  the capital of the ancient Abyssinia and the churches hewn out of rock at Lalibela. 

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