Stories: Australia and the Pacific

Exhibition makes a dynamic impression

William Yeoman

“Paint as you see nature yourself. If you don’t see nature with an individual feeling, you will never be a painter, and all the teaching cannot make you one.”

With those words, Claude Monet sums up the entire Impressionist project.

Mane man Tom’s talents in train

Stephen Scourfield

Tom Curtain was horse training around south west WA, a bit down on his luck and, for the first time in his life, with his saddle and kit bag by his side, he stuck out his thumb to hitch hike.

Gut-wrenching landing

Geoffrey Thomas

Aviation Editor Geoffrey Thomas launches a new series covering some of the bizarre, crazy and humorous things that have happened to him covering aviation over the past 48 years...

Colonial history still alive and kicking

John Borthwick

The Rocks, once the haunt of “garrotters and delinquents”, are now reformed, refurbished and impeccably plumbed, writes JOHN BORTHWICK

Melbourne exhibition makes an impression

William Yeoman

“‘Impressionism’ was the term seized upon by those seeking to describe all that was new in Australian painting in the late nineteenth century. It provoked both admiration and derision.”

Falling for Karijini

Mogens Johansen

“Hold on to your helmet with one hand and squeeze your nose with the other,” is the advice from my guide Sven Borg before I slide down a natural water slide and plunge 4m into a crystal clear freshwater pool below.

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