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A bird’s-eye over icy frontier a cool daytrip

Stephen Scourfield

A one-day flight to Antarctica may just be Perth’s coolest day out in 2021.

The Pilbara’s primordial pull of rust-red country

Stephen Scourfield

The bloke sitting next to me waiting for his meatlovers’ pizza in the Iron Clad Hotel asks what I’m doing in Marble Bar and seems surprised when I tell him I’m on holiday. Reading his “why would you?” look, I add: “Why wouldn’t you?”

Just add water to wildflower wave

Stephen Scourfield

Rain has come in time to improve the wildflower season across parts of WA.

A West Australian roadtrip on just one tank of fuel

Mogens Johansen

How much of WA can you see over a long weekend while using only one tank of fuel in a car? MOGENS JOHANSEN finds out.

The Pod Well Travelled: Chittering oranges and writerly Rockingham

William Yeoman

This week’s guests include Golden Grove Orchards’ Adam Saunders and Rockingham author and artist Kez Wickham St George. Host Will Yeoman also talks to the West Australian’s Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield about the Perth Royal Show cancellation, that Wuhan swimming pool, Australia’s Oxford vaccinedeal and MSC’s first voyage in Europe since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens a right royal display

Ronan O'Connell

This is not just a beautiful park, or a fine lookout point, or as the name suggests a botanic gardens, writes RONAN O'CONNELL.

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