Arrivals & Departures: Weekly Travel News & Views 11 July 2023

Stephen Scourfield

Celebrating the very best in air travel, a mercy flight to rescue an elephant, plus kicking off Humpback Whale season, Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield takes a look at another week in travel

Arrivals & Departures: Weekly Travel News & Views 3 July 2023

Stephen Scourfield

Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield has suggestions for trips close to home and further afield as he reviews another week in travel

Arrivals & Departures: Weekly Travel News & Views 27 June 2023

Stephen Scourfield

With insight into how our stories take shape, keeping our online world secure, and an unusual traffic sighting on Albany Highway, Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield surveys another week in travel

Why a camera?

Mogens Johansen

Over the past two weeks, MOGENS JOHANSEN has tested and given his often surprising verdicts on phone cameras and superzooms; the cutting edge of travel tech photography. Here, he returns to his roots. Framing the world with a camera is still a moment to slow down and, literally, to focus

Shipshape for an adventure

Michael Ferrante

There appears little middle ground in perceptions about cruising — it appears very much a love it or loathe it kind of getaway. In this Travel Guide to Cruising we speak to travellers who have grown to love cruising - and they tell us why.

Vibrant Melbourne seen in new light

Mogens Johansen

With my camera in my hand, I take fresh look at Melbourne.